About Luis Soltero
Luis R. Soltero received a B.A. in Chemistry (1981), a M.C.S. in Computer Science (1985) and a Ph.D in Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy (1990) from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He received the Z.W. Salsburg Award for excellent achievements and outstanding scholarship and he was also a Danforth Fellow. While at Rice he taught in both the Chemistry and Computer Science departments, as well as supervised graduate students doing special projects in computer science. He later served as a Research Scientist and Network Manager.

Luis is the founder of Global Marine Networks, LLC which develops and delivers wireless data services to users in remote locations via satellite technology. Innovative products such as XGate, OCENS.Mail and WeatherNet have already set new industry standards for providing reliable, fast data services such as compression based email, weather on demand, and vessel tracking for ships world wide.

Luis' maritime products are unique as they have resulted from the first hand knowledge gained from offering services for marine computers since 1992. He has extensive offshore experience and has lived and worked in the marine environment in many countries for over 10 years. He has in depth experience and knowledge in designing and installing and maintaining global communications systems for vessels including electronic navigation, SSB installation, and offshore vessel to internet e-mail and weather acquisition. In collaboration with Starpath School of Navigation he created the StarPilot line of navigation computers for both PC and handheld calculators. The StarPilot line offers the state of the art in celestial and piloting computations for mariners.

Luis Soltero, PH.D, M.C.S.
Specialist in High Seas Communications, Marine Weather and Celestial Navigation